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Brand Guideline
  • Emmanuel Mogaji
Emmanuel Mogaji
University of Greenwich, University of Greenwich

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Companies spend a considerable amount of money to develop their brand identities. It is not a cheap commercial endeavour. Given the importance of brand identities as intangible assets for organisations, the ability to strategically manage them is critical. Extant research is predominantly based on theoretical models and concepts of branding, yet no attempt has been made to develop an understanding of the consistent communication of brand identities. This paper provides background information on brand guidelines, the benefit, content and user of brand guidelines. Researchers and students in brand management will find this relevant for brand identity, brand integration and brand architecture studies and research. Ideas for future research studies have also been presented. Likewise, brand managers may also find these relevant, especially those working with smaller brands which do not have a guideline and those with established brands looking at properly documenting their brand architecture and identities.