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The Privatization of Security and the Emergence of Private Security Companies in Crime Control in Nigeria
  • Eke Chinwokwu,
  • Emmanuel Igbo
Eke Chinwokwu

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Emmanuel Igbo
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This study interrogates the participation of private security companies in crime control in Nigeria, with focus on the challenges militating against their performance in security provisioning. The police are the statutory agency invested with the powers of ensuring the security of lives and property of citizens in Nigeria. The rising incidence of crimes such as kidnapping, armed robbery, murder, terrorism, and human trafficking among others has demonstrated that the police have failed in providing the required protection for the citizens. The paper argues that the apparent inability of the police to adequately provide protection for all citizens provided the nucleus for individuals to search for alternative security provisioning, which culminated in the emergence of private security companies in crime control in Nigeria. The study contends that since the emergence of private security companies into the theatre of security provisioning, they have played critical role in ensuring security; thereby complementing the efforts of the police. However, they are confronted with certain challenges which militate against their performance. Some of the challenges include: lack of firearms, lack of supervision and lack of cooperation from the police among others. The study recommends among others: establishment of a security institute, improved synergy with the police, and government recognition of the private security sector.