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Minimising risks to the researcher in post-war zones
  • Nanayakkara Saminda Gunasinghe,
  • Richard Simmons
Nanayakkara Saminda Gunasinghe
University of Stirling

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Richard Simmons
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Doing fieldwork is probably the most rewarding task for researchers despite the risks that are involved. However, it can remain a daunting task for researchers to carry out fieldwork, even though they have some risk awareness. It is now accepted that the risks posed to researchers are multi-dimensional as such warrants proactive risk management and forms part of the research process itself. As researchers continue to carry out fieldwork in dangerous environments, and the dangers they face become an inherent part of fieldwork which result in a need to review these arrangements in the light of researcher experience. The article will explore risked informed decision-making and individual-institutional boundary responsibilities of assessing and managing risks at the pre-fieldwork stage and during fieldwork.