One of the agricultural countries in the world is India, where 70 percent population depends on agriculture. Agriculture is a backbone of Indian Economy as the contribution of agriculture in India has high national income. While maintaining both the quality and quantity of the crops for future generations as well as the resources, the farmers met with the challenge of producing a sufficient amount of crops for the consumer demand. To meet up the future demands for food and to overcome the drawbacks of the conventional method, we have developed the seed sowing machine with automatic sun tracking solar panel and soil testing process in an automatic manner. The agrobot will move on various ground contours and it performs digging, sows the seed and covers it with the soil and an adequate content of water is added according to its texture. This project also spells out the soil testing process using LabVIEW and the results are displayed in the mobile phones using GSM module. It gives the complete installation of the agricultural robot. The method of sowing seeds with automatic sun tracking solar panel is somewhat different from the traditional seed sowing method. The main purpose of the GSM based Agrobot with automatic sun tracking solar panel is to sow the seeds and monitor the soil’s fertility as well as the moisture automatically.