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NCHRP Synthesis 584 Visualization for Highway Performance Measures Summary
  • Frank Broen,
  • Metro Analytics
Frank Broen

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NCHRP Synthesis 584 Visualization of Highway Performance Measures was published in July 2022 and was the most downloaded TRB document that month. The synthesis showed how states tell their performance story with visualizations that resonate with their audience. This paper highlights five key takeaways:. 1) Keep it Simple. Use maps, line, bar, and pie charts with a title that tells the story. 2) Connect to the Audience. Your message must be seen and remembered. 3) Tell a clear story. Visualizations communicate the story that will be shared. 4) Make data transparent. It builds trust. 5) Leadership Matters. Top-down support encourages bottom-up excellence.
20 May 2024Submitted to Advance
23 May 2024Published in Advance