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ScholarOne - The Fugitive Lives of Black Women Teachers in K-12: Transformative Educator Perspectives of Resistance
  • Shalander Samuels,
  • Amanda Wilkerson,
  • Hannah Acquaye
Shalander Samuels
Kean University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Amanda Wilkerson
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Hannah Acquaye
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Since the Brown v. Board of Education decision, the plight of Black educators continues to be one of resilience and resistance. One important question is how Black teachers continue to live out Brown’s mission while navigating the effects of COVID-19. Using Givens’ (2021) Fugitive Pedagogy framework this narrative inquiry explored Black Women teachers’ attempts to fulfill the promise of the Brown decision. We found that participants enacted the following forms of resistance: a) intellectual acts of subversion, b) fictive kinship, and c) enacting shared vulnerability. Findings shine a light on the complexities of exhibiting resistance in anti-Black K-12 classrooms.
12 Feb 2024Submitted to Advance
05 Mar 2024Published in Advance