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ScholarOne - Influence of negative emotions and organisational control environment on Psychological Abuse
  • Savitha J,
  • Priti Singh
Savitha J
Indian Institute of Science

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Priti Singh
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Psychological abuse (PA) is one of the dimensions of counterproductive work behaviors (CWB). Such abuse directed towards the members of the organisation harm them emotionally or psychologically. Abuse by individuals to harm others with whom they work is much more prevalent than extreme acts of aggression involving physical assaults in work settings. These behaviors with non-violent, non-physical and psychological consequences are referred as ‘Emotional Abuse’ (Keashly and Harvey, 2005). These behaviors are gaining importance as they are getting more prevalent and costly for organisations and their members. Extant literature informs that these behaviors are caused by stressful work conditions such as role conflict, role ambiguity and interpersonal conflicts among others, mediated by negative emotions. However, these behaviors have not been explicitly examined in relation with discrete negative emotions. Hence in this study, we examine the influence of discrete negative emotions and the perception regarding organisational control environment on psychologically abusive behaviors. The results indicate specific discrete negative emotions and the factors of POCE significantly influences psychological abuse.
31 Jan 2024Submitted to Advance
09 Apr 2024Published in Advance