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ScholarOne - Red trucks and firemen -- What do we know about fire and rescue services? Systematic literature review of organizational culture and leadership of fire and rescue services
  • Samuli Taira
Samuli Taira
Tampere University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Shallowness of knowledge over fire and rescue services (FRS) leadership and organizational culture (OC) is shown in this systematic literature review (SLR). FRS is a traditional profession familiar to people around the globe. Everyone knows that the sight of a red truck rushing through traffic, and hypothetically this picture guides research focuses also. This SLR paints picture of OC of FRS what it looks like based on previous research data, what we know and what is left unrevealed. SLR was conducted to understand the width of the knowledge gap in research on FRS leadership and OC. Three databases were searched, and of 275 screened articles, 27 were included in this review. Two more studies were found by manual search, for a total of n = 29. Results of included articles were analysed by qualitative content analysis. In this study is shown that FRS OC has problematic characters when it comes to minorities, whether it is gendered, sexual orientation or racial issues, although some progress is seen. Through further analysis light is shed to leadership and OC. Team leaders have relatively authoritarian position in this team-oriented OC which appreciates uniformity, similarity, continuity and self-sacrificing heroes. This we know now, but there are also unknown unknowns to be discovered. Insight of the OC of FRS is weak. To my knowledge, this is the first study to put the pieces together and draw the big picture of FRS’s shift OC, about rest of the staff we don´t know much at all.
22 Jan 2024Submitted to Advance
05 Apr 2024Published in Advance