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ScholarOne - Legislation and bureaucracy in schools, an (im)perfect marriage with impact on Educational Administration
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  • Raul Alonso,
  • Paula Romão,
  • João Carvalho,
  • Paulo Delgado
Raul Alonso
Instituto Politécnico do Porto

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Paula Romão
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João Carvalho
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Paulo Delgado
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Excessive bureaucracy transforms the school into an instrumental organization, so the new legislation should be able to overcome this problem, in an institution that wants to be participatory. This study was carried out in Portugal to understand the bureaucratic impact of the joint and interdependent implementation, from 2018, of a set of legislation, which integrates the school's different areas of activity. Surveys were administered to teachers and school principals across the country. The perception is that there has been an increase in bureaucracy with a negative impact on teachers' professional motivation and their relationship with students. The use of IT tools and platforms and interaction with external entities has contributed to the generation and dissemination of useless bureaucratic burden, with negative effects on effectiveness.
19 Jan 2024Submitted to Advance
03 Apr 2024Published in Advance