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ScholarOne - Chinese Road of Modern University Governance ---- Towards The Modern University of Order and Freedom
  • Chongliang Zuo
Chongliang Zuo
Hengyang Normal University Library

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The modern university embodies the complexity of an organized society, with numerous internal and external stakeholders involved in decision-making. The inherent logic of modern university governance is: power restriction and rights protection, innovation of governance mechanism, and improvement of academic power are the core propositions of China’s modern university system construction. Governance modernization is a profound reform of the university system, which can effectively promote the reform and development of higher education on the macro level, and improve the management process of colleges and universities on the micro level. The construction of a modern university system in our country needs the support of a belief system. The Chinese road to modern university governance is a modern university that leads to order and freedom. The establishment and improvement of a modern university system with Chinese characteristics is a systematic project.
05 Jan 2024Submitted to Advance
01 Apr 2024Published in Advance