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ScholarOne - Creative Success in Capital-Constrained Contexts: Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the UAE through Digital Social Marketing
  • Naveed Yasin
Naveed Yasin
Canadian University Dubai

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This article explores creative lateral thinking in formulating digital social marketing strategies (DSMS) for Immigrant Entrepreneurs (IEs) in the UAE, considering capital-constrained contexts. Through qualitative methods, including interviews with 66 IEs and netnography analysis, two IE types emerge based on human-cultural capital and digital literacy. Type 1 (e.g., Transnational Asians, Arab immigrants) with high capital and IT literacy use entrepreneurial bricolage in mainstream and break-out markets. Type 2 (e.g., South Asian and East Asian) with low capital and IT literacy employ frugality and Jugaadi in immigrant enclave markets. The study introduces a 6-Cs model, providing nuanced insights into IE behavior.
03 Jan 2024Submitted to Advance
01 Apr 2024Published in Advance