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ScholarOne - Widening student participation in Australia: Technologies of government, numbers, and calculations
  • Ren-Hao Xu
Ren-Hao Xu
The University of Western Australia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper critically examines Australia's Demand-Driven Funding System and its impact on student participation in higher education. It explores the shift from a centrally-controlled allocation of university places to one where universities exercise autonomy and bear financial responsibility. Employing Foucault's governmental technology, the study reveals how universities navigate this new funding model through strategic calculation and risk management. Utilising semi-structured interviews and policy document analysis, it highlights the transformation from a totalising governance approach to an individuating one, where universities use financial data and calculative practices to make informed decisions about university place allocation, ensuring financial sustainability and competitive positioning.
28 Dec 2023Submitted to Advance
27 Mar 2024Published in Advance