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Our study delves into the intricate relationship between career expectations and the satisfaction levels of employees who undergo training in winter hotels. We highlight the profound influence of career growth and professional accomplishments on shaping career expectations. More importantly, these factors significantly boost career satisfaction. The cornerstone of our research reveals that by elevating career competencies, undergoing training in tourism acts as a pivotal turning point in one’s career trajectory. Furthermore, service organizations within the tourism industry possess the strategic capability to orchestrate work and developmental initiatives. This not only widens the realm of professional achievements but also ensures career contentment. What makes our study particularly groundbreaking is its emphasis on the intermediary role played by tourism education—a perspective that hasn’t been explored previously. We have exclusively focused on hotels situated in the tourist hubs of Erzurum and Palandöken, which offers a nuanced understanding of this segment of the industry.
29 Nov 2023Submitted to Advance
27 Mar 2024Published in Advance