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ScholarOne - Association between Depression and Anxiety in Young Adults: The Moderating Role of Meaning in Life
  • Mehmet SANLI,
  • Metin Kocatürk
Mehmet SANLI
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Batman Universitesi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Metin Kocatürk
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Mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, are increasing among young individuals and have become a public health concern. In this perspective, the search for meaning and purpose is an innate impulse that contributes to an individual’s psychological well-being. As such, it plays a crucial role in mental health. Avoiding subjective evaluations, this statement emphasizes the importance of the search for meaning in life. In this study, we examined how the relationship between anxiety and depression is moderated by meaning in life. A total of 2338 participants, 1546 women and 792 men, with an average age of 24.41 were included in the study. The study examined the moderating effects of gender, mean age, and meaning in life on the relationship between anxiety and depression in participants. The data collected from the study was evaluated for the moderator effect and subjected to regression analysis. According to the results, meaning in life has a negative effect on both anxiety and depression as well as a moderator role between anxiety and depression. In addition, gender has a moderating role in the relationship between anxiety and depression. In summary, meaning in life has a protective role against psychological disorders (anxiety and depression), and high meaning in life protects individuals against other psychological disorders.
11 Sep 2023Submitted to Advance
18 Mar 2024Published in Advance