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ScholarOne - A phenomenological study of the participant experience in clinical trials and the potential for subject care through open dialog
  • Ryota Kitao
Ryota Kitao
Kyoto University Hospital

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Using a phenomenological approach, this study aimed to understand how individuals experience participation in clinical trials from the perspective of participants by interviewing 11 experienced research participants. Analysts provided interpretive descriptions to share the narrative meaning of the participants’ experiences as participants of intervention trials. The results were organized into four categories: 1) decision to participate, 2) understanding the trial, 3) being marginalized, and 4) talking about meaning. The participants attach personal meaning to their participation experience. Their personal perspective of their willingness to participate and their unpleasant experiences may change through interactions with the researcher. Thus, the qualitative outcome reports will serve as a guide for ethical actions to be taken by researchers for the benefit of future participants.
06 Apr 2023Submitted to Advance
13 Mar 2024Published in Advance