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The Personal is the Political in Tara a play by Mahesh Dattan
  • Akanksha Barthwal
Akanksha Barthwal
Doon University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Mahesh Dattani, the contemporary writer, represents the current day issues of the society where one finds, self-trapped in the clutches of society and is degraded to be the marginalised. The society treats marginalised with content as if they have committed serious damages on the human species at large. The current research is on the play Tara; a play by Mahesh Dattani which explores the issues that sensationalise society. The play is about Siamese twins Tara and Chandan who were con joined from chest till down. Later a surgery is required to separate them, according to Dr Thakkar it was the only, ‘the only chance for their survival’. (CP 331) The theorist, Carol Hanisch, Michel Foucault, Kate Millet and Simone De Beauvoir and discussed in this research where their theory and ideas provide strength to the current work. The format of the research work is MLA, seventh edition. The Personal is the Political and is explored through the play by Mahesh Dattani, Tara.