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Education in Urology - Can Video Recording of a Classroom Teaching Session in Urology Shed light on how Diversity within Medical Students Impacts Their Learning?
  • Omikunle Babawale
Omikunle Babawale
University Hospital Southampton

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Teaching Urology in a classroom to a diverse group of medical students can be a challenge due to their varying learning needs. By video recording a teaching session and applying contemporary teaching theories we can explore how student diversity impacts learning needs and how this can be navigated to provide an inclusive learning culture.
To use video recording to explore how individual and contextual factors impact learning and to critically evaluate my pre-existing knowledge surrounding diversity and medical education.
A learning needs analysis was carried out using a Johari Window to explore how learning needs can vary between students. A lesson plan was developed to meet learning needs of students of differing ages, cultures and social backgrounds. This utilised supportive teaching strategies including scaffolding and differentiation. Video recording of this teaching session formed the basis for a critical evaluation of the relationship between student diversity and medical education.
Informed written consent was obtained from participants. University of Hertfordshire’s Ethics Committee for Studies Involving Human Participants, Protocol for Reflective Practitioner Work by Academic Staff: UPR RE01.
The video recording demonstrated that students from minority groups were initially less involved in the group activities. However, scaffolding and differentiation through visual, auditory, interactive peer work and roleplay were effective techniques in supporting their learning.
Diversity within medical students can be reflected by their varying learning needs and supportive learning strategies were successful in creating a positive and open learning environment.
Key Messages:
The take home message is that diversity within student groups impacts their learning needs and supportive measures should be considered early in the lesson planning process.
Informed written consent was obtained from participants who were video recorded.