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Leadership Style as a Predictor of Employee Safety Performance in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Arjun Kathayat
Arjun Kathayat
Columbia Southern University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The specific problem of this research was it was unknown if/to what extent safety-specific leadership style predicted employee safety performance in the oil and gas industry. The purpose of this research was to examine if/to what extent the safety-specific transformational leadership style of managers predicted employee safety performance in the oil and gas industry in southeast Saskatchewan, Canada. This research’s methodology was quantitative, and the research design was simple linear regression.  The researcher employed a convenience sampling method and invited 41 business organizations that  provided products and services to the oil and gas industry and the business organizations which actively  explored, extracted, produced, refined, and transported the oil and gas energy in southeast  Saskatchewan, Canada. This research used 89 valid anonymous responses from 32 business  organizations in the data analysis. The statistical test of the simple linear regression showed that  managersâ\euro™ safety-specific transformational leadership styles in the oil and gas industry in southeast  Saskatchewan, Canada, could significantly predict employees’ safety performance. This research has  broad implications since 32 business organizations offered multiple products and services to the local oil and gas industry, including construction, transportation, welding, equipment maintenance, and services. Also, this research has broad generalizability, significant Cronbach’s alpha values for measuring  instruments, a medium to large effect size, and higher confidence in the findings. This research encourages the oilfield industry to promote and grow more safety-specific transformational leaders for  higher employee safety performance excellence.