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Graphic design practice of an image for the Chinese character for “鼓 Drum”

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Basic shape is one of the most important components of the learning design process. Using Western design thinking to understand shape, color and composition layout and attempting to reinterpret the application of traditional calligraphy from a design point of view—whether it is the expression of form or the meaning of content—are both important aspects of design thinking. The writing patterns of traditional calligraphy and the design creation of modern experiments may have different biases. If the artistic value of “the brush and ink of the time” is compared to the science and technology of innovation as the main appeal, the expressiveness of the traditional writing mode is obviously difficult to achieve. Using science and technology as an option for design creation is a difficult way to proceed; however, technology, ideas and thinking can still be in sync with the cultural issues of an entire era. This is also the test of the times to which contemporary creations are subjected. There are infinite possibilities for development, and it is worthwhile to explore these possibilities together with artistic aspirants. On the other hand, if we follow the well-beaten path of the status quo, the creativity of traditional calligraphic art will wither, it will deviate from the larger environment of the era in which it operates, and it will inevitably be neglected and pushed out by other art categories. The design and creation process uses the traditional calligraphy characters and drums as the theme, assisted by digital tools in the creation, and finally transforms the traditional calligraphy visual form into an expression of the art of science and technology.