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  • Aastha Bhatra,
  • Mariyah Zubair Khan,
  • Ashita Gupta,
  • Amanat Bansal
Aastha Bhatra

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Mariyah Zubair Khan
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Ashita Gupta
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Amanat Bansal
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A roommate relationship is very important for well-being & a compatible roommate relationship has the potential to provide an environment in which an individual can flourish in academics, social life & work life. The ensuing paper addresses issues pertinent to stakeholders in co-living spaces. It intends to frame intervention strategies that roommates can use to strengthen their roommate relationship & avoid roommate conflicts. The paper addresses the importance of roommate relationships, factors affecting roommate relationships, the reasons for roommate disputes & its impact on an individual’s  life. Moreover, personality characteristics forming a good roommate relationship have also been discussed. The paper derives from an in-depth study of existing literature, &  endeavors to enhance well-being of an individual by addressing roommate concerns & improving roommate relationships.
Keywords: platonic relationship, compatibility, compatible relationship, roommate, flatmate, room/flatmate conflict