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Student research group: how to organize the management of a distributed team?
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  • Dmitrii Zhakota,
  • Darya Kushch,
  • Maxim Mnichovich,
  • Nikita Malyugin,
  • Nikolai Donchenko
Dmitrii Zhakota

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Darya Kushch
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Maxim Mnichovich
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Nikita Malyugin
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Nikolai Donchenko
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Background: The increasing flow of information and the epidemiological situation of the last few years forces us to find tools for organizing a productive collaboration distributed team of a student research group.
Method: Comparative analysis of six instruments (Trello, Office365, Meister, Bitrix24, Asana, Google Workspace) for collaboration on 12 criteria.
Results and Discussion: A large selection of tools for managing a distributed team allows flexibly organizing a project of any complexity for a team of any size.
Conclusion: Using tools to collaborate with a distributed team allowed us to simplify the organization of the student research group’s work and not stop working on projects under lockdown conditions.
2022Published in Medical Education and Professional Development volume 13 issue 3 on pages 97-112. 10.33029/2220-8453-2022-13-3-97-112