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Research on the security of China's industrial supply chain under the extreme pressure based on principal component analysis and neural network
  • cheng zhang
cheng zhang
Yangtze Normal University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In response to a series of former US President Trump sanctions on China’s entity companies and the influence of Covid-2019 , by categorizing it to target typical companies and industries that exert extreme pressure on China’s high-tech companies: Huawei, ZTE, chip industry, nuclear power industry, Aerospace industry, electronic technology industry, etc. Then, from the perspective of industrial supply chain security, on the basis of questionnaire surveys, principal component analysis, nearest neighbor analysis, neural network analysis and other methods are used to study the reasons for the US entity list, and the impact of the entity list on the industries of China and the United States. The degree of supply chain influence, finally, put forward some policies and suggestions to solve this problem.