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Global Travel Restriction’s Effect on The Number of Deaths from COVID - 19: An Analysis on Global COVID-19 Data

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Modeling global travel restrictions and number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 we have
shown that effective regulatory actions such as global travel restrictions could reduce the number
of deaths per million from this pandemic. We have controlled for country specific demographic
and geographic variables such as average temperature, number of populations, alcohol intake per
day, test in per million to find out the ceteris paribus effect of global travel restrictions on the
number of deaths from COVID-19 in countries around the world. By classifying countries across
three layers of global travel restrictions status, based on their regulatory actions, against COVID-
19 our model reveals that global travel restriction could have saved many lives. The findings from
this paper can be considered in future for any further spike of COVID-19 along with any other
pandemic in future.