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Zero Casualty: The Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Strategy of Albay Province, Philippines
  • Gremil Alessandro Naz,
  • Arvin G. Malonzo,
  • Benito L. Salvador Jr.
Gremil Alessandro Naz
Bicol University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Arvin G. Malonzo
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Benito L. Salvador Jr.
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Albay province in the Philippines is beset by multiple climatic and geologic hazards, but it has largely managed to stick to its zero-casualty goals during disasters. In fact, many international organizations have hailed the provincial government’s highly effective disaster risk response and management (DRRM). Through interviews, focus group discussions, and document analysis, the researchers sought to know the reasons for Albay’s success. Six strategies were discovered: (1) making DRRM a goal, (2) ordaining policies on DRRM, (3) building institutions related to DRRM, (4) providing an adequate budget for DRRM, (5) implementing DRRM programs and projects, and (6) forging partnerships with other DRRM stakeholders. Recommendations on how other provinces can replicate the Albay system are provided.