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Feminist perspective in Foreign Policy -- A way to women's visibility and participation in public sphere
  • Girija Rao
Girija Rao
Tumkur University, Karnataka

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In this paper it is intended to express, articulate and analyze the role of feminist perspective in foreign policy and how can it influence the foreign policies of nations, or can it unravel the masculinity and patriarchy that is part and parcel of International Relations, what measures are to be taken by nations to decrease the gender gaps, and how exactly can this help nations achieve gender equality and make women's visibility and participation in public spaces a reality. International Relation is a profound area that establishes the relations among different nations and foreign policies reflect a nation's perspective towards others. Foreign policies determine the how and why of diplomacy, wars, friendly relations etc. etc., However while doing so nations have always shown a male oriented approach and the role of women either in diplomatic positions or in war fields or in peace keeping or senior positions in external affairs has been undermined worldwide. Feminist perspective in foreign policy tries to explain the relationship between men and women in International Politics and the gender roles that are designated among them. It also tries to explain the socio-politico-economic policies the nations implement, measures taken to eradicate the gender gaps that exists in this field and how women's equal participation in social production can bring about a change in the political structure