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Space, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Dynamics, and Interspecific Ecological Interactions
  • Anderson Sant'Anna,
  • Paulo Henrique Jelihovschi
Anderson Sant'Anna

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Paulo Henrique Jelihovschi
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This paper aims at investigating entrepreneurial ecosystems through analysis of interactions among their main agents, in different spatialities of a medium-size city: the city center (downtown), a suburban street, and its main shopping mall. As a theoretical framework the Jacobs approach (2011), the theory of practical action (Bourdieu, 2010), and the theory of interspecific ecological interactions (Lopes & Russo, 2010) were used. In methodological terms, a case study approach was carried out. The findings indicate different types of ecosystem interactions, considering the influence of the context, technology, and innovation as well as the historical trajectories and Habitus that characterize them.