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The Role of entrepreneurial intention on the association between emotional word stimuli and decision-making An Event Related Potentials study A
  • Victor Perez Centeno,
  • Hioki koichi
Victor Perez Centeno

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hioki koichi
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Neuro-technologies can delve deeper into the entrepreneur’s brain. We hypothesize that the Event-related potentials method can aid in our understanding of how emotions play a part in entrepreneurial decision-making. This is a method for evaluating neural responses to specific events extracted from electroencephalography, or EEG. Using the strengths of a one-armed-bandit task to analyse how intentions and emotions alter decision-making, we show the effects of both pleasant and unpleasant emotional words on decision making in terms of returns, N100, and N400 amplitudes. We discuss the additional research value that ERP components such as the N100 and N400 may bring to the field based on the evidence obtained.