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ScholarOne - Topic- Moderating role of Green Rewards on Employee Green Habits for Environmental Sustainability at Workplace
  • Chetan bagaria,
  • Ranjanala Nirmala
Chetan bagaria
Goa University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ranjanala Nirmala
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Abstract:- Many studies have been done regarding individual habits in the domain of psychology and health, but relatively lesser in management studies. According to scholars, there is a gap between an individual’s attitude and behaviour toward sustainability, meaning that while the individual may have a favourable attitude toward sustainability, their behaviour does not reflect that attitude. The Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (Festinger,1957) has done an excellent job of explaining the discrepancy. Today’s organisations are changing their business models to meet consumer demands aligned with sustainability. Habit, a recurrent behavioural pattern that has been ingrained over time and is very difficult to change, gives us a chance to investigate this part of management for sustainability in the long run. According to our assumptions, Green Behaviour mediates the relationship between Green Attitude and Green Habits, and Green Reward moderates the relationship between Green Behaviour and Green Habit.