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“Gender attributes are performative rather than expressive”: An understanding of Feminism
  • Suparna Roy
Suparna Roy

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Feminism has altered predominant perspectives in a wide range of areas within western society, ranging from culture to law. Patriarchy, if considered a mutating drug resisting virus the Feminism is an ‘antidote’ to it. Literature as De Bonald considers “is an expression of society”. Feminism, if considered a hermeneutical device which is a methodology for interpreting texts, it has always focused on the vast spectrum of marginalization in India, which is perhaps so intricately designed, that when it gets unfold; its spectrum reflects all those wailing lives which gets veiled by this intricate design of culture, power and aesthetics. Literary depiction of the marginalized lives has gain immense significance at present. Feminism assisted in diagnosing the pathologies of culture which if described as a complex social apparatus dices the norms and regulations and is a stratified concept with hues that light up the disillusionment and dissent. Hence my paper would trace how from the history Feminism gradually became a ‘play’!