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Voices of Prison: Phenomenologizing motivations for change and reformation of cisgender women and LGBT Filipino detainees
Bicol University

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Sexual orientation and gender identity are among the least of considerations in facing life sentences for crimes committed. Prison experiences differ among cisgender and transgender affecting motivations for change and reformation. This phenomenological inquiry aims to capture the lived experiences of 21 Filipino detainees (aged 21-59), disaggregated to: 10 cisgender women, 3 lesbians, 4 gays, 2 bisexual women, 1 bisexual man and 1 transwoman. Using an interview guide, the narratives were subjected to vertical and horizontal analyses yielding a set of emerging themes that describe what the cisgender women and LGBT detainees consider to be their motivations for change and reformation. The emergent taxonomy depicts three motivational frames which structure the mindset of the detainees in their drive for change and reformation: Maturation Motivational frame, Ministration Motivational frame and Management Motivational frame. These three frames are crucial perspectives developed from their pre-prison states, peri-prison states and post-prison expectations. This paper contributes to the knowledge base on Gender and Development and LGBT psychology. Additionally, the findings of this qualitative inquiry deepen the understanding of reformative care and gender-specific prison management in the Philippines and may assist in promoting the mental health and well-being of Filipino detainees.