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Understanding Mona Wang- What is the Current State of Mental Health Care in British Columbia?
  • Stephanie Sadownik
Stephanie Sadownik
University of Toronto

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In January 2020 a high-profile case detailing a nursing student related to the Mental Health Act in British Columbia contributed to the suspension of an RCMP officer in British Columbia, calls for reviews to the associated acts including, but not limited to, the Mental Health Act, Police Intervention and Wellness Checks, Police Act and the formation of the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act in British Columbia parliament. Publicly available information regarding the Legislative Assembly, Public Safety Canada and RCMP Occurrence Report from Jan 2010- August 2020 inclusive of all apprehensions related to Police Intervention and Wellness Checks are reviewed for the purposes of this meta-analysis, and a paradigm shift to de-escalation and normalizing nursing psych evaluations is discussed.