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Canva as Web-Based Instructional Tool: Use of Learning Technologies in Graphic Design Projects of Students with Speech Disorders
  • Nouf Alsuwaida
Nouf Alsuwaida
The University of Ha'il

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study aimed to evaluate the learning responsiveness of art students with disabilities when using learning technologies such as the web-based Canva platform. This study used mixed methods, with the data collected through questionnaires and observations. The case study on a graphic design course examined the outcomes of using Canva as a technological tool. A total of 15 students with speech disorders from an all-female academic institution in Saudi Arabia participated in the graphic design course in 2022. Data were collected from various sources, including focus groups, observations, and questionnaires. The students’ behaviors during the learning process were observed in terms of their skills in communication, technology, time management, self-direction, and regulation of emotions and behavior. Recommendations for building blended or online classrooms that promote the engagement and interactions of students with disabilities using technology tools were derived accordingly.