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Thermodynamics Expression in Action within Entrepreneurial Process
  • David Leong
David Leong
University of Canberra

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Up until now, entrepreneurship study has not developed a unified theory with key concepts that can elucidate the holistically process-driven characteristics of entrepreneurial venturing. What spur entrepreneurs to action along the process-driven pathway? This paper intends to relate the business of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial actions and activities to thermodynamic and energy gradient-manipulation mechanism. Taking entrepreneurial venturing from a process view and in an attempt to reconstruct the entrepreneurial process by illustrating a range of relevant perspectives from energy gradients in naturally occurring chemical , biological and physical systems basing on interpretive and phenomenological, social constructionist angle; this paper hopes to pull together a unifying theory on action-based activities in entrepreneurial venturing with thermodynamic concepts and expressions with gradient-manipulation mechanism to explain the entrepreneurial action-motion phenomena. The gradient-manipulating mechanism and thermodynamic expressions thus become the “nature” invisible hand that operates the motion of actions. Kirzner’s theory of entrepreneurship explains the coordination of markets and of knowledge. It is that knowledge, the recognition of the opportunities in the actual imperfect markets that triggers the gradient-manipulation mechanism.