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Identifying Psychosocial Variables of the Interactive Mobile Interface for Geriatric Persons
  • Njeri Ngaruiya,
  • Daniel Orwa,
  • Peter Wagacha
Njeri Ngaruiya
Technical University of Kenya

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Daniel Orwa
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Peter Wagacha
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This is qualitative exploratory research that looked into the gap between gerontechnology and psychosocial wellness. The physical and psychological wellness of geriatric persons has been developed over the few decades. This has made older people consumers of the different technologies. This, though, is not satisfactory enough as the older generation yearns for the worth and sense of belonging that existed in the traditional world, with the different roles that they played. With the modernization and the recent pandemic, it distances the older persons from their loved ones and society, therefore, disengaging from activities. This research identified this gap, and under a research protocol from a legally authorized organization in Kenya, we approached a philanthropic social home and a community-based daycare where eight participants gave verbal informed consent to take part in the 10-week study