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Psychometric Properties and Urdu Translation of Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale (WLEIS)
  • Munazza Zahra,
  • Daisy Kee Mui Hung
Munazza Zahra
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Daisy Kee Mui Hung
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The purpose of this study is to translate “Wong and Law Emotional Intelligence Scale” (WLEIS; Wong & Law, 2002) into Urdu and also to determine the psychometric properties of this scale. The final (Urdu) version of the scale is checked on a sample of 315 managers of the top four private commercial banks of Pakistan after the translation process. The validity and reliability of the WLEIS were evaluated by analyzing the “Cronbach alpha”, composite reliability, rho-A, and average variance extracted. The following hypotheses were formulated after detailed literature review (a) the Urdu version of WLEIS scores were positively correlated to three dimensions of job performance (JP) (b) Work engagement (WE) mediates the association between Urdu translated dimensions of WLEIS and dimensions of JP. Reliability of the four-dimensional Urdu variant of WLEIS estimated by Cronbach’s Alpha which is 0.67, 0.74, 0.77 and 0.75; rho A is 0.69, 0.76, 0.79 and 0.76 and composite reliability is .0.80, 0.84, 0.85 and 0.84 and AVE is 0.51, 0.56, 0.59 and 0.57 respectively. In addition, WLEIS-U dimensions have a statistically substantial positive association with three dimensions of JP and WE is proved to be mediator between WLEIS-U dimensions and dimensions of job performance. It has been found that the Urdu version of WLEIS in Pakistan is reliable.