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Scanning Leadership Competencies through Millennial's lenses
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  • Rajmani Pandey,
  • Saiprasad Acharya,
  • Rachna Nigam,
  • Snigdha Mishra
Rajmani Pandey

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Saiprasad Acharya
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Rachna Nigam
ITM Business School

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Snigdha Mishra
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Millennial is the category of generation who are born between 1980s to 2000. Hence, the present workplace across industries in the globe is dominated by millennials. It is also clear that they are the future leaders. Hence, it is imperative to comprehend the preferences they perceive in terms of work and leadership. When we are deliberating about work, it covers both the content and context of the work setting, whereas leadership is being acknowledged as the management or boss, who influence millennials to contribute for the revenue of the organization. So, major focus in the workplace has gone to millennials. No doubt, these millennials possess and demonstrate different attitudes, values, beliefs, and aspirations when compared to the previous generations and leaders should be alert every time, be flexible towards the requirement and become the role model for the generation. Therefore, an attempt has been made here by the researchers to develop a conceptual framework that explores Millennials’ perception of leadership in the workplace. By examining Millennials perception in the context of leadership, this article provides important theoretical and practical implications for organizations of present and future.