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Relationship Between Function-Form in The Expression of Architectural Creation
  • Rudy Trisno,
  • Fermanto Lianto
Rudy Trisno

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fermanto Lianto
Tarumanagara University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In the Postmodern era there are diverse forms of architecture, which is also related to. structural and material technology that is developing so rapidly. The method used is the analysis of architectural theories to find the relationship between Function‐Form, whether:
1) The concept of Form follows Function;
2) The concept of Function follows Form;
3) The concept of Form and Function runs together.
The relation between the concept of Function and Form will result in the meaning of the architectural work itself. The conclusion is: in architectural design there is no exact rule whether the Function must follow the Form, or Form must follow the Function, or Function and Form run side by side, but the relationships between Function and Form merge into a single method towards the expression of architectural Form, so that this Function‐Form relationship will be interpreted by the observer towards the expression of the architectural creation itself. The findings in this study are to give architectural designers freedom regarding the relationship between Function‐Form. However, the most important thing from this relationship is that the meaning must be reflected in the expression of the form that corresponds to the relationship to be achieved. The benefit of this research is that architectural students can know more deeply the relationship between the Function‐Form that will be used in the design, and also for architect practitioners in designing the building.