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Autistic Traits in Anxious Women: The Mediating Effects of Intolerance of Uncertainty and Sensory Over-responsivity
  • Leah Carling,
  • Fiona Gullon-Scott
Leah Carling

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fiona Gullon-Scott
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Correlation study exploring the relationship with sensory over responsivity and intolerance of uncertainty with traits of autism in a self-selected group of women with anxiety disorders. Study was conducted using Qualitrix online platform. Ethical approval from Newcastle University.360 women with anxiety disorders completed online questionnaires to investigate whether SOR and IU mediated anxiety symptoms and autistic traits. Results were consistent with hypotheses. Women with anxiety disorders had elevated autistic traits compared to general population, with 21.1% meeting cut-off for ASC on the AQ. Autistic traits were predicted by all anxiety measures, with SOR and IU being significant partial mediators in this relationship. Clinical implications for understanding autism and anxiety in women are discussed