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Perspectives of Mothers and Children in Indonesian Private School during Pandemic
  • Syafiq Basri Assegaff,
  • Meliana Zhong
Syafiq Basri Assegaff
LSPR Institute of Communication and Business, Jakarta, Indonesia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Meliana Zhong
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This study aims to explore parents and students’ perspective towards the required learning from home amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Based on initial observation and preliminary designed online survey to in a private school in Jakarta, the research continued with in-depth interviews to parents and children to gain understanding about the insights, experiences, feelings and changes in attitudes and behavior towards the impromptu online learning programs within the last three months. Results showed that the maximal exposure to the home environment and the minimal revelation to the environment outside home had given the external factors to be more dominant during the online learning, and that regardless how sophisticated the online learning circumstances were, students tended to be fond of face-to-face environment at school. Furthermore, changes in behavior due to the online learning, motives and their challenges are also discussed, as well as the perspective towards online learning environment compared to the regular school setting. The researchers suggest that the Ministry of Education should establish a new (permanent) and inclusive curriculum related to the online learning occurrences.