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Death with COVID-19 Symptoms? Framing of Coronavirus news in Bangladeshi Newspapers
  • MD Ashtaful Goni
MD Ashtaful Goni
Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, Bangladesh University of Professionals

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This study examines how Bangladeshi media responded in the time of coronavirus crisis focusing on the issue death with COVID-19 symptoms. This study analyses the content of 169 Bengali news article from 5 different newspaper published within the timeline of 20th March to 30th May 2020 using framing theory as the theoretical framework. With the quantitative content analysis of news reporting this study also discover how media frame this Corona virus (COVID-19) situation with the words COVID-19 symptoms and some specific symptoms (fever, cough, breathing problem, isolation etc.). The result suggested that there was not enough information to link a person death with coronavirus rather it was the public agenda which media tried to portray with a particular frame. This study questioned the objectivity and accountability of journalist and newspaper on the issue of covering news on death with COVID-19 symptoms. This study also questioned all the statistical record of death with COVID-19 symptoms in Bangladesh where primary source of data was newspaper reports published between 20th March to 30th May 2020.