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Predicting COVID-19 Confirmed Cases using ARIMA Models in Pakistan
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  • Ambreen Chaudhry,
  • Aamer Ikram,
  • Muazam Abbas,
  • Mumtaz Ali Khan,
  • Tayyab Rathore,
  • Moin Iqbal,
  • Nosheen Awan,
  • Akram Qamar,
  • Sana Abbasi,
  • Shafique Rehman,
  • Tamkeen Ghafoor,
  • Mirza Amir Baig,
  • Jameel Ahmed Ansari
Ambreen Chaudhry
National Institute of Health Pakistan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Aamer Ikram
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Muazam Abbas
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Mumtaz Ali Khan
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Tayyab Rathore
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Moin Iqbal
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Nosheen Awan
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Akram Qamar
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Sana Abbasi
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Shafique Rehman
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Tamkeen Ghafoor
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Mirza Amir Baig
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Jameel Ahmed Ansari
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· COVID-19 pandemic has emerged and spread rapidly across the world
· Novel behavior of coronavirus has been seen in Pakistan
· Number of COVID-19 cases has been increasing despite many control and preventive measures taken by government of Pakistan
· Mathematical models help public health professionals estimate the size of epidemic in near future