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Customer Satisfaction with Services at the Ward Offices of Osaka City Government
  • Yasutoshi Moteki
Yasutoshi Moteki
Hiroshima University, Hiroshima University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Using an online survey, this study investigated determining factors related to customer satisfaction with counter services at ward offices (Kuyakusho) in Osaka City, Japan, focusing on direct experiences at these service counters. During a two-day survey period, responses from 400 women, aged 30–59 years, who had visited a ward office over a one-month period were collected. The questionnaire comprised three categories of multiple-choice questions: A) hardware (e.g., physical aspects), B) software (e.g., staff responses), and C) services (e.g., administrative services). Principal component analysis and multiple regression analysis were conducted on each question category concerning various aspects of public service provision. The regression analysis indicated that group C (service delivery quality) had the strongest influence on the dependent variables (ZY1), followed by group B and group A. Adjusted R2 value is.60.