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Racism and Effects on the Perceptions of Young Adult Black Men: An Argument for the Adoption of Ideologies of Racism
  • Troy Arnel Crayton, Ph.D.
Troy Arnel Crayton, Ph.D.

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Grave engagements continue contemporarily based from sociohistoric norms of American society. The norms being referred to are those specifically related to racism and the moral intolerances conjured between folks of different cultures and attitudes (Miles and Brown 2003). The purpose of this manuscript is to gain knowledge of the perceptions of young adult Black men (YABM) as they are exposed to race associated phenomena. An additional aim was to develop and provide a solution for the root challenges discovered from the study participants’ reflections. The proposed solution is a structure of instruction that is based upon racism being understood and drawn as an ideology. As argued, anyone can adopt an ideology of racism based from their respective identities as a source of instruction and tolerance over time (DiAngelo 2018; Miles and Brown 2003).