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  • Naveed Shibli,
  • Fariha Zahid
Naveed Shibli
Department of Psychology Rihah International University Faisalabad Pakistan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fariha Zahid
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Human beings live in various places. Place affects human being. A few experiments were conducted on 200 students, including 100 male and 100 female. Participants were the students of a selected school. Place effect on participants’ motor, cognitive behaviors and academic confidence studied. The subjects were divided into two groups. Group-A was consisted of students those were in the school for more than 5 years, whereas in group-B students with less than 5 years stay in the school were there. It was assumed that duration as stay in the school representing place effect may provide some relationship link? Following instruments were used; Taping Board (Electronic) 10 trails for both groups as motor performance, Star Mirror Drawing (Electronics) 10 trails with preferred hand both groups for transfer as cognition and Academic Self-efficacy Scale for all groups for academic confidence implied in similar controlled conditions. The results provided useful significant information about the place effect; some emic proposition regarding gender also emerged. More studies recommended.