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COVID-19 and Pet Attachment
  • Naveed Shibli,
  • Dr. Aqib Rehman MBBS,
  • Aisha Kiran
Naveed Shibli
Head Department of Psychology Riphah International University Faisalabad Pakistan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Dr. Aqib Rehman MBBS
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Aisha Kiran
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Pet-attachment among the pet owners total 91 those were admitted in a government hospital for COVID-19 was studied in two wards, one ward was for patients with mild symptoms and other ward was for moderate symptoms, the researcher talked to the patients on intercom from where she could see them also and asked two questions from them, do you have a pet, yes or no and do you miss your pet, very strongly, strongly, sometimes, occasionally, and never? It was assumed that the pet attachment may vary due to the nature of symptoms and related ailment stress among pet owners in the two wards? The findings revealed that pet owners remembered possession of their pets similarly(r=.012, p< .001) in both wards(r=-.016, p<.001) with strongly correlated remembering. It emerged that stressful situations do not effect pet attachment and pet attachment continues in mild and moderate levels of stress. The study provided useful information about pet-attachment in stressful situations.