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Intelligence Officers Personality, Jobs and Psychology
  • Naveed Shibli
Naveed Shibli
Department of Psychology Riphah International University Faisalabad

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Intelligence is a complex field yet people are interested to know about many things like, what intelligence and an intelligence officer is, what duties intelligence officers perform, where these officers work, what are an intelligence officer personality features and how these features support intelligence work in different situations? Present paper answered all these questions. Some psychological explanations about intelligence agents have also been presented. Since intelligence jobs are related with analysis, so a few suitable habits for analyzers are also there. A few relevant psychological topics have also been referred for readers those are interested to know about psychology and its use in the field intelligence. The article will fulfill the need of readers to read about basic facts about psychology and intelligence in one paper. The paper is equally useful for beginners and advance readers and would promote the sciences of intelligence and psychology. It would also facilitate the curiosity of general readers about the mysterious field of intelligence and in a few cases psychology.