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Prospects of Liquefied Gases in Bangladesh Economy as a move towards Fuel Diversification
  • Muntasir Murshed,
  • Sakib Bin Amin
Muntasir Murshed
North South University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sakib Bin Amin
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Traditional dependence on fossil fuel has led to the Economy of Bangladesh being confined to energy shortages, marginalizing the development prospects of this energy South Asian economy. The country has also relied heavily on its indigenous supply of natural gas particularly for electricity generation purposes. However, following in appropriate subsidized pricing of natural gas in the country has led to over exploitation of this resource and together with technical inefficiencies holding back new natural gas field discovery has pushed the nation towards running out of this energy resource by 2031. Thus, the aim of this paper is to discuss the prospects of liquefied gaseous use in Bangladesh, especially in the form of LNG and LPG, as a strategy to embrace fuel diversification within the Bangladesh economy in order to relieve the existing pressure on natural gas demand.