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Selected Social and Religious Aspects of the Ukraine Conflict
  • Sergei Jargin
Sergei Jargin
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Anti-religious propaganda in the former Soviet Union was efficient; with a majority of young people being nonbelievers. Atheism was easily accepted after the 1917 revolution because religiosity was not as deeply ingrained as it is sometimes supposed. A commentary on the politicization of religion in Russia in the context of the war in Ukraine is provided here. The hypothesis is proposed that a majority of today’s churchgoers, priests and church officials in Russia are atheists or agnostics, habitually following prescribed ideologies. Selected psychological and healthcare-related aspects are discussed. The Ukraine war, having thwarted the internationally agreed status quo, has triggered conflicts in different parts of the world. An optimal solution would be a global leadership, centered in most developed parts of the world, based on the principles of mercy and mutual help. This might be the last opportunity to avoid a major catastrophe.