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Academic Dishonesty among Iranian Students
  • Ehsan Shahghasemi,
  • Maysam Shirzadi Fard
Ehsan Shahghasemi

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Maysam Shirzadi Fard
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Recent years have witnessed a growth in academic dishonesty of different kinds in Iran. The cases of fraud, plagiarism, cheating etc. have been so frequent that some people in Iran have tried to restore international credibility to the Iranian academia. We believe academic dishonesty will have negative impact not only on the academia, but also on the society, and one way to tackle it is to study different factors related to it. Therefore, we conducted a study on students in three faculties at University of Tehran. Participants were 300 BA university students (female = 182, male = 118) ranging in age from 17 to 34 years (M= 20.55 and SD= 2.04) from three faculties at University of Tehran: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Social Sciences. Although we found small differences among students in three faculties, we found great differences among students from different years of study as regard to their perceptions of professors’ academic dishonesty, their classmates’ academic dishonesty, and righteousness of being academically dishonest.
Each participant in this study was briefed about the nature of research and was assured about his/her anonymity. Only after getting participant’s informed consent, we delivered the questionnaire.