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This study determined and analyzed the challenges encountered and strategies employed by Junior High School Teachers in managing the students’ behavior, who were the respondents of the study, in a private school in Quezon Province that gave way to the creation of a Teachers’ Guidebook on Managing the Students’ Behavior as an output. The descriptive-evaluative method of research was used in the study together with the Weighted Arithmetic Mean (WAM) as the statistical tool. Further, a validated researcher-made instrument was used to gather the needed data in the study.
Based on the findings of the study, under the code of conduct related to discipline, the respondents revealed the challenges encountered in managing students’ behavior. The statements that got the highest WAM rating were (1) Failure of students to wear their uniform in official activities held inside or outside the school; (2) Students forget their ID at Home; and, (3) Failure of the students to accomplish their excuse slip form.
In addition, the code of conduct related to decorum, the following are some of the challenges encountered by the respondents: (1) Students do not maintain silence when no teacher is around; (2) Students fight with their classmates when they lose their temper; (3) Students disrespect the sacredness of the chapel by uttering nasty words inside the place; (4) Students ignore teacher’s instructions and do some foolishness with their friends; (5) Students disobey the rules and regulations of the school; (6) Students are buying foods even though it is not a break time; (7) Students fail to maintain silence inside the library; (8) Students do not observe silence while buying in the cafeteria; (9) Students do not participate in the mass instead they talk to their classmate; and, (10) Students talk with their classmate while flag ceremony is on-going.
The findings of the study revealed that the orientation of the students was needed to familiarize the students on the rules and regulations implemented in the school and to consistently impose discipline.
The following recommendations are made by the researcher: The students should understand fully the importance of following the school’s rules and regulations by taking seriously the identified school policy on the code of conduct. The teachers should conduct an annual orientation/re-orientation program that emphasizes the findings of this research, and seriously consider more effective strategies to overcome problems on code of conduct and use the output of this study. The school administrators should issue a school memorandum requiring all teachers and school staff to strictly implement the school policies. The future researchers should make a study on the assessment of the quality of the school policies implemented in the private schools in Quezon Province.